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FUNCTIONS:                                                English  11
                                •  Making plans and predictions
                                                                                              Theme 1
                                •  Making an appointment                                    Future Jobs 3
                                •  Talking on the phone
          1.  Have you got any innovative thought to make your life easier? If yes, first write a few sentences
              about it and then take a video of yourself telling about your innovative thought and finally put
              that video on your E-portfolio.

          2.  Read the texts numbered 1 and 2. Then answer the questions.

                                             21  Century Popular Words
               1                                   2
                    “Entrepreneurship” is a word        The human race has always innovated, and in
                    we throw around every day.          a short time went from building fires and making
                    Originally, it is a French word     stone-tipped arrows to creating smartphone apps
                    that we see everywhere              and autonomous robots. Today, technological
                    from magazine covers to             progress will undoubtedly go on changing the
                    conferences, hotel lobbies,         way we work, live and survive in the coming
                    even in the White House. The        decades. “Innovation”  is a word we often come
                    French word entrepreneur            across in the 21  century. We can define this
                    first appeared in the French        word as a new or improved product or process
                    dictionary in 1700s to describe     that differs significantly from the unit’s previous
                    a person organizing and             products or processes and that has been made
                    operating a business by taking      available to a potential product or brought into
                    a financial risk. Nowadays          use by the process. There are different types of
                    entreptreneurship is defined as     innovation such as organizational innovation,
                    the pursuit of opportunity with     process innovation, product innovation, marketing
                    limited resources. From this        innovation, and eco-innovation related with eco-
                    point of view, we can easily        friendly lifestyle and sustainability. 21  century
                    make an inference about the         makes people think and behave more innovational
                    entrepreneurial challenges. At      to keep up with the fast changing technology.
                    a basic level, all entrepreneurs    Social media, artificial intelligence based products,
                    try to overcome adversity to        smartphones, self-driving cars, and autonomous
                    pursue an opportunity with          flying vehicles, virtual assistants, touchscreen
                    limited resources.                  glasses, 3D printers are some innovative

              1    What is the definition of “entrepreneurship”?

              2    Where do we see the word “entrepreneur”?

              3    How can we define the word “innovation”?

              4    Why do 21  century-people need innovative devices?

              5    What are the examples of 21  century innovations?

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