P. 9

2.  Read the ads again and decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).
              1     The language school has changable working hours.
              2     Royal Household vacancy is in need of a reference letter from the applicant.
              3     The Royal House candidate will have to wear a uniform while working.
              4     Only the selected ones will be called for an interview by the language school.
              5     Both position-takers are going to have a meal, accomodation and transportation card.
              6    The candidate for the Royal House is going to take care of the horses.

          3.  Look at Ad 1 again and imagine that you are going to apply for that position. Write a letter of
              intent including:
              •   Where / When you
                 saw the job ad
              •   Details of previous
                 work experience and
              •   Your personal
              •   Your motivation for
                 the position

         4.  Listen to the phone call and tick the expressions you hear.  Tapescript 1.2.1
                 That sounds great.                         There is no doubt.
                 I’m of the same opinion.                   I’m totally in.
                 Neither do I.                              I’m afraid I don’t agree with you.
                 That’s exactly what I think.               I agree with you in principle, but …..
                 I disagree with Laura.                     I’m sorry but I don’t agree with you.

          5.  Listen to the phone call again and answer the questions below.
              1     What is the topic of the conversation?
              2     How many people will be having a party?
              3     What kind of a party are they going to have?
              4    Whose house will be the place for the party?
              5    When will the party happen?
              6    Will the grandma be having the party with the teenagers?

          6.  Arrange a video talk with your close friend. Ask and answer questions about your future plans.
                   Example: What are you doing tonight?         I’m playing soccer with my friends.

               1   tonight?
               2   tomorrow evening?
               3   the day after tomorrow?
               4   this weekend?
               5   next week?

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