P. 7

3.  Which future jobs are they? Look at the pictures and write the names of the jobs under the
              pictures. Use the jobs you did in Exercise 2.

                                      A                              B                             C

                                      D                              E                             F

          4.  Listen to the phone call and tick the expressions you hear.   Tapescript 1.1.1

                 A typed reference letter                       Interview at 10 a.m.
                 20  August                                      I’m terribly sorry.
                 Making a job interview appointment             Hang on a moment.

          5.  Listen to the phone call again and answer the questions below.

              1    What’s the name of the company?
              2    Why is İsmet Çetinkaya calling that company?
              3    What is the applicant supposed to do before the interview?
              4    Has the applicant got an interview invitation?
              5    When is the interview going to be?

          6.  Read the sentences below and match them with the functions in the box.
              A  making plans                              C  talking about personal arrangements
              B  talking about future actions in progress                        D  making predictions

             1    I’m going to book a flight to Trabzon tomorrow.
             2    It’s possible that you will succeed in your project if you don’t stop working.
             3    What are you doing for the next week’s lockdown?
             4    They will be having an online lesson between 2 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. on Tuesday.

          7.  What is your plan for the next weekend? Talk about your plans, personal arrangements and
              predictions for the weekend.

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