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FUNCTIONS:                                                English  11
                                •  Making plans and predictions
                                                                                              Theme 1
                                •  Making an appointment                                    Future Jobs 1
                                •  Talking on the phone

         1.  Read the text and decide if the statements below are true (T), false (F) or not stated (NS).

                                     Popular Future Jobs of Post-COVID

               How the pandemic has caused the future jobs is a very crucial issue. The workforce is automating
               faster than expected. Pandemic-related distruptions have accelerated the arrival of the future jobs.
               Businesses, governments and workers should plan to work together to implement a new vision for
               the global jobs.
               By 2025, it is possible to say that automation and digitisation will increase and this increase will
               have a great impact on new future jobs mushrooming. Due to the technology blended lifestyle,
               software engineers,  app developers,  information  security analysts, ophthalmologists,  dieticians
               and physical therapists will most probably gain popularity. In those years, most people will be
               working at their homes. Their online hours will increase and they will probably have visual defects
               after spending long hours in front of computers. Physical impairments, the lockdowns and isolated
               life will probably give rise to eating disorders. In addition to these possible changes, people will do
               their shoppings online sharing their personal information frequently and they will need help from an
               information security analyst in order to keep their personal information safe on the Net.

              1     The worldwide disease has an important effect on new job opportunities.
              2     People prevised the effects of pandemic beforehand.
              3     Governments are the only authority to make plans and arrangements.
              4     New future jobs will occur rapidly after the new fast-paced lifestyles.
              5     Information Security Analysts are the people who help to secure people’s personal
                 information surfing on the Net.

         2.  According to the text above, write the names of the popular post-COVID future jobs on the
              diagram below and add two more that you predict within five years time.

                                                            Information Security

                                                 Popular Post-COVID
                                                    Future Jobs
                       Software Engineer

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